Asian innovations in financing sustainable urban development


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Asian innovations in financing sustainable urban development
Best practices on financing local and regional governments based on six key recommendations

Published by UCLG Asia Pacific, in partnerhsip with the Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA)

This monograph entitled “Asian Innovations in
Financing Sustainable Urban Development ” is an
initial attempt to document and share with the Asian
cities and local governments, a range of initiatives
– BEST PRACTICES – that local governments in
Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, and
the Philippines have taken to improve their habitat and
to address challenges such as environment protection,
infrastructure rehabilitation, flood risks, city’s resilience
to climate change, energy-saving, local level capacities,
participation, transparency and enhancing resource
mobilization. Perusal of the “Best Practices” shows
that local governments are central to addressing
challenges of the kind stated here, that they have the
requisite knowledge and capacity to spur changes
that are often so essential to local area development,
and that they can, with the application of appropriate
planning, leverage resources and bridge the gap that
exists between resources that are needed and the
resources local governments are able to raise. The
“Best Practices” contained here demonstrate that there
is much potential at the local level which is awaiting
to be tapped, if only we would direct our attention to
capacity development and building some autonomy
with local governments to enable them to determine
their resource-mobilization and development