Instruments Financiers

The study of each of the components above-mentioned proceeded along the same methodology, starting with a literature review aiming at bringing out the key issues, based on well-documented examples of cities and countries.

During a first phase each expert produced preliminary versions of their reports highlighting the main conditions for mobilizing effectively and efficiently each financial instrument.

  • Land and real estate valuation, by David Albrecht, with the contribution of Vincent Renard and Claude de Miras
  • Access to long-term external resources, by Matthieu Collette
  • Local finance and recurrent local revenue, by Guy Gilbert

The study is coordinated under the supervision of a steering committee made of a team of experts, international financial and technical partners: the French Development Agency and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In this webpage, you will find Thirty (30) financial instruments also available in the world map “Observatory - Case studies” 

Soon, six (6) in-depth case studies will also be published together with a final report on The conditions for the mobilization of local resources for sustainable urban development